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t British Duck Race" played out over a one kilometre stretch of water near Hampton Court Palace. The race i▓s a charity event that raises funds for nearly 450 organizations in the U.K..Official starter, Olympic ▓rowing gold medallist Andy Hodge helped ▓to add a little sparkle to the event.Spectators braved continual rain - watching as oarsmen on kayaks paddled through the throng of ducks.An investment of two pounds, buys an entry in the race. The donor who backs the first duck across the finish line takes away the first prize of 10,000 Sterling.Beijing's most famo▓us dish is proving to be a hit with athletes in▓ the Olympic Village, who do not even have to step out of t▓he area to enjoy the treat."I like the Peking Duck," said Cyrille Gombrowicz, a badminton coach fro▓m France, in the village cafeteria last week."I▓t's very special."Dipped in sweet plum sauce and wrapped with spring onion in a thin pancake, the succulent slices of roast duck is now a must-have on most plates in the village